Golden Mile Child

All children enjoy spending time at Golden Mile Fitness & Spa: a separate children's pool, sports and developmental activities at the kids club. Moreover, we have creative workshops, puppet theater and culinary workshops. Our menu include children's section. Furthermore, children can take part in events and celebrations.

The kids club team is happy to organize a dream holiday for your baby’s birthday.


Sensory - an activity aimed at the sensory development of children through movement.

Children's fitness - activity aimed at developing and strengthening the entire musculoskeletal system, increasing elasticity and flexibility, which helps to avoid many types of injuries in everyday life.

Boxing - activity aimed at developing strength, belief in own victory, learn persistently and confidently go to victory, achieve goals and do not stop.

Fitness Ball - the lesson is aimed at general healing, agility, strengthening the musculoskeletal system.

Swimming - swimming sport styles training lesson.

Baby Fitness - lesson where children learn to balance, coordinate their movements, crawl, bounce, step over and perform general developmental exercises.

Dancing in hammocks - activity that will reveal emotions and plasticity. This is the author's direction of air dances and flexibility for your body. This activity tear away from the usual stereotypes.

Kickboxing (Thai boxing) is a type of contact martial arts combining fist fighting technique (borrowed from European boxing) and kicks (taken from martial arts).

General physical preparation - set of exercises aimed at improving health, developing muscles, development of the functions of the musculoskeletal system.


Art Studio -drawing program in unconventional ways, a fascinating, mesmerizing activity that surprises and delights children.

School of Experiments - a game program aimed at expanding the child's understanding of the world, as well as the disclosure of secrets through elementary experiments.

Toddlers - a game program for kids, aimed at the development of fine motor skills, elementary mathematical representations, the development of speech and social adaptation.

Poteshka-music - is a game program of early musical development, according to the methodology of E. Zheleznova. Sundays in the presence of an adult.

School of etiquette - is a game program aimed at developing the skills of cultural and ethically competent behavior.

Lego Land - is a game program for the development of creativity, fine motor skills, intelligence and communication.

Skillful hands - helps to cultivate a sense of beauty, ecological culture, interest in making a handmade gifts.

Puppet theater - is a game program for kids aimed at aimed at the formation of creative perception and cognition of the surrounding reality.

Painting 7-14 years - program aimed at developing of the right and left hemisphere and spatial imagination.

Painting for adults - is an activity that awakens a wide variety of feelings and emotions in us. an activity that awakens a wide variety of feelings and emotions. It fullfil us with a sense of harmony and peace, relieves stress and plunges into thoughts, charges with energy and fills you with the will to realize your dreams (2 hours).

Master class - develops imagination, attentiveness and fine motor skills. These skills will be very useful to your child on a life path.


The author’s programs are aimed at high-quality mastery of swimming skills, based on the methodology of simultaneous training in all sports.

Swimming - swimming sport styles training lesson.

We wish you and your children to stay healthy!





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