The pools are equipped with the most modern German “Ospa” equipment. Pool water have drinking water standards. The level of pools preparation contributes to the healing effect and meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.

AQUA ZONE Golden Mile


The aquazone of our complex includes: 25 meter swimming pool and thermal complex. Our guests have at their disposal a snow room, a jacuzzi, a hammam, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish sauna, an aromatic sauna, an ice fountain, an Impression shower and a solarium. You can always order tonic drinks in the club’s aqua bar and relax after an intense workout in the sleeping room.


three swimming lanes, 25 meters long

dedicated part of the pool, which includes a waterfall, counterflows, geyser

Children's swimming pool


  • Snow room
  • Individual bath complex
  • Jacuzzi
  • Hammam
  • Finnish sauna
  • Ice fountain
  • "Shower of impressions"


The soundproofed sleeping room at Golden Mile Fitness & Spa is equipped with comfortable beds with heated water mattresses. There are yoga nidra classes in the room. This is an ideal relaxation area for a few hours of restoring sleep after bathing.


Fans of active fitness will be pleased with the protein shakes and bars, coconut water, energy drinks and an assortment of herbal teas in the Aqua-bar. The restaurant menu has a bath menu. For the convenience of guests, all areas of the club are equipped with “calling the waiter” buttons .


The author’s programs are aimed at high-quality mastery of swimming skills, based on the method of simultaneous training in all methods of sports swimming, with elements of programmed training, and an exercise system that promotes the development of coordination.

AQUAKIDS - lesson for children 3-5 years. It is held under musical accompaniment. Aimed at acquaintance with the aquatic environment and the development of supporting movements in water.

AQUASTAN - lesson for children from 5 years. It is held under musical accompaniment. Aimed at the development of stroke movements of the arms and legs, sports swimming development.

AQUATREN - lesson for children who have learned the program of the first two steps or who have the skill of free swimming. Aimed at combining elements of sports swimming in coordination and improvement.

AQUAEROBICA - a set of physical exercises in water, specially aimed at training all muscle groups, helps to maintain the body in good physical shape, eliminating excess weight, stimulates blood circulation and relieves tension and stress due to the massage effect. The lesson is held to fiery music.

AQUA CLASSIC - the program include basic elements that allows you to simply and effectively train all muscles: abs, back, chest, arms, hips. We use gloves, noodles and dumbbells. Medium Intensity Load. Recommended to everyone.

AQUANOODLES - lesson for intermediate and high levels of preparedness. Strength training using special noodles equipment.

AQUAMIX - this aqua aerobics program combines aerobic and power loads, includes workout for all muscle groups, gives an excellent results for improvement of cardiovascular system and problem areas. Various equipment is used. Medium intensity load. Recommended to everyone.

AQUA-SUPERSCULPT - a complex of water aerobics exercises based on workout for all muscle groups. Various equipment is used. The result of the training is a magnificent muscle corset and a beautiful relief, strength and endurance, slimness and good mood.

AQUATONUS - an aerobics exercise program is conducted in shallow water. Combines aerobic and power load. Helps to increase muscle tone, improve blood circulation and cardiovascular system. You get a beautiful figure and a great mood as a result. Classes of medium intensity. Recommended for all ( adults and children from 8 years).

AQUAZUMBA - psychological emancipation that allows people to spend time merrily and with obvious benefit for their figure and feelings. Good for people even without dance experience, knowledge of choreography and love of training. Even without swimming skills, you can learn to control your body in water, which will help you to get a tonus charge for your body and soul.

AQUASTEP - a lesson aimed at training the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body, helps to develop your coordination abilities. We use an aqua-step platform and aqua gloves. A lesson of medium intensity, for an average level of preparedness, is conducted only in shallow water.



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